Access Policy

Reasonable physical mobility appropriate to being on a real sailboat on the real ocean should be considered before booking any excursion available on this website.

Concerning wheelchairs, our vessel is legally classified by the United States Coast Guard as an “Uninspected Passenger Vessel” which means that,like many other UPV’s it was not specifically designed for wheelchair access. Thesis is outfitted with all the safety equipment required by the USCG and of course there is always a USCG Licensed Master captain in command at all times, but our liability concerning wheelchairs is limited by our classification.

Being classified as a “UPV” vessel according to the USCG Federal code of Regulations, It is the responsibility of the participant to be able to board the vessel from a standard City of Avalon floating dock unassisted by Catalina Adventure Sailing Crew. If self boarding is not possible, the participant should supply their own attendant or attendants to assist them. It is the policy of this company not to handle or touch participants unless necessary in an unforeseen emergency situation where the a participant’s immediate safety requires such action.