Getting Here

All of our excursions depart from, and return to the main, or “Green Pier” in Avalon, (on Catalina Island) California unless otherwise arranged ahead of time. As you walk out onto the pier, about 3/4 of the way down, you will see some floating docks labeled “G” and “H” on the right side, with ramps leading down from the pier to these docks. This is where we will pick you up. Please stay up on the main pier until our captain greets you and tells you its time to come down to the boat.

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your departure time, and be ready to go, as these docks are for pick up and drop offs only. So if you arrive here and don’t see our boat, don’t panic! Please be patient, you may be early, and our boat just hasn’t arrived there yet, or we may be waiting for our turn to pull in.

Cross channel transportation to get to Avalon from the greater Los Angeles area can be easy arranged by contacting one of the three following providers:

  • Catalina Express (ferry service)
  • Newport Flyer (ferry service)
  • Island Express Helicopters (helicopter service)

When planning your transportation to Avalon remember to give yourself at least 10 minutes leeway to walk from the ferry terminal, or take a cab from the helipad to the Green Pier.